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Authentic Relating & Circling in We-Flow Weekend - Online

Are you interested in deepening your connection with yourself and others? This two-day online journey is the perfect place for you to be!
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Authentic Relating & Circling in We-Flow Weekend - Online

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27 Jun 2020, 10:30 CEST – 28 Jun 2020, 15:30 CEST
Online event

About the event

 Authentic Relating & Circling Weekend Online

-= Creating the world we want to live in =-

Are you interested in deepening your connection with yourself and others? Are there relational patterns that keep you stuck in scenarios that feel painfully familiar? Is there a deep longing in you to be seen, witnessed and validated in your truth? Do you find it challenging to stay connected to yourself and what you want, while connecting to others? Are you drawn to the magic of the relational field? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this two-day online journey is the perfect place for you to be!

Angelo and Enrique have years of experience in facilitating human connection workshops, using tools from the practices of Authentic Relating and Circling.


On average our participants gave us a 8.7. Lowest rating an 8 and highest a 10! :-) But that is just a numerical grade. This are some of their reviews:

“This weekend was full of connection with all that was present. Sometimes raw, sometimes playful and light, most times heartfelt and joyful.

Enrique and Angelo are able to make you feel like everything is possible and ok. This truly gives space to whatever arises for anyone in the group.

I've learned powerful tools in communication which i can use in daily life and my job as a social worker!”

- Rosa

“Enthusiast and authentic facilitators who will bring you from their hearts on an exploration journey.”

- Claartje

“A workshop to land in yourself and give you skills in deeper connection with yourself and others in a balanced way.

Thanks for feeding our growth from outside and giving us the space, skills and time to grow more from inside to stand strong together in deep pure connection.”

- Lieke van Herk

“I felt accepted with all there is, and everything I am. Very quickly a space of trust was created.

So many beautiful insights and love, authenticity, openness. I feel so much gratitude. Thank your, thank you, thank you.”

- Wendy

“A place / workshop to come with whatever is present for you. Joy, sadness, anger etc. Everything is ok and can be used in the games and exercises that are being presented. You'll learn skills for guilt free communication, such an enrichment in life!!”


Circling, also referred to as interpersonal mindfulness, is a relational practice where we are invited to put our awareness and attention on what is happening in the here and now, within and between us, honouring what emerges without an agenda or judgement. As we slow down and deepen our connection with ourselves, we start to explore what happens, internally and externally, when we come into connection with others.

Through gentle awareness exercises, you will be invited to attune to your embodied experience, including feelings, sensations and thoughts, and to explore and express what you notice within you in a warm relational space.

Circling is not a form of therapy, neither is it a spiritual practice - but it can be both, as many find it provides personal growth, healing, empowerment and transformational insights. As you practice, you are likely to notice your connections with important people in your life deepening, as you learn to express yourself authentically, while cultivating trust, empathy, compassion, healthy boundaries and a sense of your inner authority.

The circling practice is underpinned by the following five principles, which we will explore in depth during the weekend:

1-Commitment to connection.

2-Owning your experience.

3-Trust in your embodied experience.

4-Staying with the level of sensation.

5-Being with the other in their world.


Authentic Relating is a set of tools and embodiment practices for daily life. They can be successfully applied immediately in your personal and professional life.

Authentic Relating has 5 core practices:

1. Welcome everything

2. Assume nothing

3. Reveal your experience

4. Own your experience

5. Honor self & honor other

We’ll play with them during the workshop using games and exercises.

With these, you’ll learn the fundamental practices for conflict transformation.


We’ll be offering Authentic Relating & Circling from We-Flow!

This will be the first time ever that Authentic Relating & Circling is given from We-Flow.

If you’ve no experience with We-Flow, then here is some info:

-= Why do we bring Authentic Relating & Circling from We-Flow? =-

One of our facilitators, Angelo, is an experienced We-Flow practitioner. Here is his enthusiastic answer on why we’ll be offering this event from We-Flow:

“By spreading Authentic Relating & Circling over the world, I know I will bring a lot of value. But I know I can bring something even more valuable: We-Flow plus Authentic Relating & Circling.

This last year I’ve changed a lot. I’ve got such a higher level of well-being, flow, playfulness, peacefulness, engagement, I’ve got even better skills to deal with difficult situations, I’ve got more resilience, I feel more connected to myself while being in connection with others. When I’m not in flow, then I know what to do. The right things emerge out of me, and by that I am more productive.

Wow, that’s quite a lot… :-) What brought me these valuable things is We-Flow. And We-Flow brought me some very magnificent new friends. :-)

One of the things I really like about We-Flow is; that it offers a practice - and demonstrates - how to create the culture you want to live and work in.

That is why we want to bring: Authentic Relating & Circling from We-Flow

Authentic Relating, Circling and We-Flow are all integral practices, so they fit smoothly with each other.

This combination is the best that we can offer.”

-= What is We-Flow? =-

We-Flow is probably different from anything you’ve ever experienced before. That’s why it’s hard to transmit in words. The best way to get an impression is by experiencing it.

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

You will get a taste of We-Flow during this event. Here are already some words to give you an impression:

* We-Flow is an awareness based social technology, created for business settings and personal life that brings more connection, creativity, productivity and wellbeing.

* We-Flow is a framework for realizing a better business culture.

* We-Flow is a social technology for:

- Connection to self

- Connection to others

- Connection to purposeful action

* We-Flow is a flow state practice.

* We-Flow is like a Swiss army knife, it offers tools in your pocket which are beneficial for a wide range of situations.

For more information see: and


We offer embodied training. Our way of training will bring you experiences that make you get it and be able to put it in practice. Instead of a lot of theory that makes you know it, but not embody it (it flows out of you with a certain level of ease).


This will be an online event on Zoom. Details to be sent on booking.

Please download the Zoom client and create an account before the start of the session. You can download Zoom for free at:


This is an impression of the time schedule. Depending on where the group is at:

10:15 Arrival and welcome

10:30 Start with program

13:00-14:30 Lunch

14:30 Rest of program

Around 17:30 Finish


- A device with Zoom* (Laptop or desktop with large screen is recommended)

- Notebook and pencil(s)

- Potluck lunch to share in front of the camera :-)

- Bottle of water

- Anything you would like to sit, stand or move comfortably during the event.

*You can download Zoom for free at:


The investment for the online weekend is only £112 / €125

For the first early registrations, we have a special price:

4 Early Bird tickets at £89 / €99

Please note you are able to buy the tickets from Eventix or Eventbrite, or you can pay directly using bank transfer.

Eventbrite -

Via bank transfer. Please use your name as reference. N R FERNANDEZ sort code 30-97-62 Account 50048360

Limited spaces, first come first served. Max number of participants is 10.


This weekend will be a learning laboratory where you will learn, practice and deepen connection skills. Which will raise your Emotional Intelligence.

You don't need to have any experience with authentic relating or circling to join this workshop - just a desire to connect, an open mind and a willingness to be vulnerable.

The weekend will be in English. So an intermediate level of understanding English will be required.

Angelo's native language is Dutch. So he, or others, can help you translate when you want to ask or share something.

The structure of the day may vary according to the needs of the particular group, but we are likely to do some guided embodiment meditations, pair and triads exercises, as well as larger circle processes. All exercises are optional and you are strongly invited to look after yourself, respecting your own needs and boundaries.

It is an experiential practice, and therefore any attempts to put it into words risk falling short. We are happy to answer any questions by messenger, email or Skype. Please feel free to contact us on


Angelo Bergmans, Enrique Fernández and Ine Willems.

Angelo, has graduated the ART Leadership & Facilitator Training (ART is an abbreviation for: Authentic Relating Training) and was then invited to ART Leaders Advanced mentor group, just like Enrique. He has a background in team coaching and Agile organization transitions.

Angelo followed the year long Embodied Interpersonal Neurobiology Training by the famous sensorimotor psychotherapist Buster Radvik in Sweden. The knowledge and experience Angelo learned there on connecting on mammal and reptile brain level, is a specialty Angelo blends in his unique flavor of Authentic Relating.

A unique thing Angelo will offer is We-Flow. He has a lot of experience in We-Flow, and is even a pre-licensed We-Flow Steward. (For more info about We-Flow see the event text above. :-) )


Enrique is the co-founder of Circling Evolution, he leads different types of events based around human connection and also practices as an Integral coach.


Testimonial from Natalie:

Walking in a hall of mirrors, world of layers, everywhere you are, everywhere is you.

Recently I have felt myself propelled into experiences that lift me and require more of me. That helped me integrate my experiences more wholly, and that then plunged me into greater depths and washed over me, revealing more and more layers in a way that unnerves yet deeply excites me. It excites me because there is the sense that somewhere underneath all this I am breathing into something new.

The realisation from this weekend's circling experience of just how much we all experience through our interactions, and the potential for authenticity and coming together has astounded me. That communication can open such a gateway for inner exploration, that it can hold and yet expand a moment, giving the potential for us to share deeply in the now.

'In most of our human relationships, we spend much of our time reassuring one another that our costumes of identity are on straight.' To be seen and held by eyes, to feel free to explore perceptions, to move into the space of a fully sensory experience, noticing what really it is that I am experiencing, tiny details or feelings through my skin was incredible, strange and satisfying. How much more could I notice and explore day to day? What could be learnt from this? We see in others so often aspects of what we ourselves are, and with this awareness everybody becomes our teacher.

I feel like I have been gifted with a deeper insight into the depths of the human condition and what love and presence and open heart space can do. Seeing how much more potential our worlds, inner and outer, individual and collective have to bloom.

The feeling is huge gratitude for the potential of every moment. 

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